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Your life has been completely changed and Marecki Law Firm is here to help.

Marecki Law Firm has the extensive legal experience necessary to protect you in the event of a boating accident.  The key is that Marecki Law Firm and you, as the client, will work together to establish that the boating incident at issue was caused by the negligence of a third person.  

Essentially, Marecki Law Firm will need to show that but for the negligence that occurred, the accident would not have happened. 

A few examples of negligence on the water are:

  • Intoxication by the operator of the boat
  • Knowledge of poor weather impending but operator ignored signed
  • The sufficiency of life jackets and safety equipment and gear on the boat
  • Not paying attention to weather reports


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Marecki Law Firm job is to research every single fact that occurred leading up to the boating accident and determine whether or not your injuries stemming from the boat accident were a product of negligence.  

In order to handle a case like a boating accident, you need an attorney that will place your rights first and actively research the underlying circumstances of the incident. 

This type of investigation takes attention from a customized team that has the time and resources to research exactly what occurred in your case. Marecki Law Firm has the time, the energy, the experiences, and the resources to help you.

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Boat Accident Lawyer in Lake Worth, FL

Marecki Law Firm - Boat Accident Law Firm

Marecki Law Firm serves the interests of those injured by the negligence of others no matter when, where, or how the injustice occurred. Injuries happen, and when they do lives can be permanently changed. Although nothing can take back the unfortunate events that have transpired, Marecki Law Firm wants to make sure that if you have suffered an injury due to the negligence of another, you are put back in as near a position as possible to before the accident by recovering all that you are entitled to.

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