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Your life has been completely changed and Marecki Law Firm is here to help.

Marecki Law Firm will be happy to step in and help you in any cases where you have been attacked, bitten or personally injured by a dog or potentially any other animal as well including but not limited to horses, cows, snakes, parrots, cats or pigs. 

Many times, people believe that these types of claims do not entitle them to protection.

Marecki Law Firm Tip:  Never assume that you’re right but never assume that you’re wrong.


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Marecki Law Firm strongly recommends that you obtain immediate medical assistance for any and all injuries stemming from an animal bite situation. 

Specifically, you should also connect with your medical provider and attempt to obtain clearance and ensure that you do not have rabies.

Fortunately, the good news is that Florida law does hold pet owners liable for the dog bites they sustain and this type of liability is called strict liability.  

Therefore, it is very important that you take the time to meet with Marecki Law Firm so that we can assess your case, measure its value using the Marecki Law Firm Case Calculator and do our best to determine if you have a viable case that may entitle you to financial compensation.

Be sure not to miss the 14 day deadline and contact us immediately so that we can place you first and protect your rights during this difficult situation.

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Tips on what to do if you are personally injured by an animal

If you have been injured by an animal, Marecki & Medolla recommends that you do the following:

  • Ensure that you obtain medical attention.
  • It is critical that you call the police and file a police report  
  • Request the name, number, email address of the owner of the dog that injured you.  
  • Obtain as many photos as possible with your cell phone which includes pictures of the injury, the location of the injury and any property damage if it existed
  • Refrain from communication with the owner of the animal until you meet with Marecki Law Firm
  • Preserve any clothing you were wearing (including shoes) on the day you were injured by the animals.
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