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How Our Property Damage Lawyers Help

Marecki Law Firm can assist you with handling the claim for any type of property damage occurring to your residential, commercial or investment property.

Damage from unforeseen incidents can create dangerous living conditions that require emergency renovation or attention. As with all cases at Marecki Law Firm there is absolutely no cost to our clients unless we win your case. 

Marecki Law Firm is always available to assist you with any type of property damage including but not limited to the following types:

Flooding:  Flooding is another type of property damage that may occur in Florida.  Even though flooding is a natural event directly caused by excessive amounts of rainfall, the resulting property damage can be extremely expensive to repair.  In cases of floods, it is essential that you retain legal counsel to protect your rights and file a claim on your behalf so you can obtain the money that you need to fix the damage.


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Pipe Bursts: Pipe bursts occur when water inside a pipe begins to freeze or due to the age of the pipe or other direct damage to the pipe.  No matter what the cause of the pipe burst, Marecki Law Firm is prepared to help you file the necessary claim so that the pipe can be repaired and you do not have to go out of pocket to protect your rights.

Fire Damage:  Fire Damage is the most traumatic type of property damage that can occur and once again, Marecki Law Firm can step in right away to ensure a claim is filed on your behalf to repair the property and have the internal contents replaced.

Lightning:  Lighting is another example of property damage that can cause extensive damage to your property.  Once again, even though this is a natural cause of property damage, you have every right to authorize Marecki Law Firm to file a claim on your behalf and get you the money necessary to repair the lightning damage.

Vandalism:  The worst kind of property damage is vandalism and a stranger damaging your property as a criminal act.  You can utilize the Marecki Law Firm Team to help you in filing a claim to ensure that every piece of property including any stolen personal property can be valued and claimed as part of your recovery.

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We guide you through the difficult law process when it comes to insurance claims and property damage.

Roof Damage: Roof damage is probably the most common type of property damage.  The moment that you believe you have sustained roof damage, it is absolutely critical that you file a claim and we can help.  Marecki Law Firm will file the claim on your behalf and ensure you receive the necessary monies to have your roof repaired by a licensed contractor. 

Water Damage:   Water damage is a very complex form of property damage that needs to be addressed in an extremely prompt fashion. It as to be remediated to prevent the growth of toxic mold.  If mold has already begun, then mold will be an additional type of damage on top of the water damage that may require specialized remediation, and expert witnesses to prove the financial and medical consequences of the water damage.

Windstorms:  This is a storm with heavy winds but little or no rain.  These types of storms can cause outages of power and falling trees that may even cause roof damage.

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