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Timothy Marecki

Your life has been completely changed and Marecki & Medolla is here to help.

Timothy Marecki is the founder and managing attorney of Marecki Law Firm. Mr. Marecki started his career in the real estate business, and in 2015 he opened his law firm as a real estate practice.

Shortly after opening the firm, a family member was injured in a terrible car crash and hired Tim to represent her in pursuing financial recovery for her car accident injuries.

This was a career defining event for Mr. Tim Marecki. During the course of this case, Tim discovered his passion for fighting for the rights of the injured against corporations and insurance companies.

Since 2015, Mr. Marecki has been vigorously representing the injured and has achieved extraordinary results. 

Marecki Law Firm have been a leader in the legal community representing injured residents of Lake Worth, Florida ever since.


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History and Expertise

Tim is a native of New Haven, Connecticut who moved to Wellington with his family in 2007.

His commitment and passion for his family, friends, and work has defined his membership in the Palm Beach County community over the years. He has been active in coaching youth sports and doing charitable work in Wellington and throughout Palm Beach County.

In addition to his work as a personal injury attorney, Mr. Marecki is also an experienced real estate attorney and investor.

His other practice areas include real estate, probate administration, estate planning, and business litigation.

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Marecki Law Firm serves the interests of those injured by the negligence of others no matter when, where, or how the injustice occurred. Injuries happen, and when they do lives can be permanently changed. Although nothing can take back the unfortunate events that have transpired, Marecki Law Firm wants to make sure that if you have suffered an injury due to the negligence of another, you are put back in as near a position as possible to before the accident by recovering all that you are entitled to.