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Accidents involving trucks are different and will be handled by Marecki Law Firm in a different way.  From a document point of view, truck accident cases are more complex than car accidents because they involve a lot more documentation which is also known as discovery. 

Examples of documents collected in truck accident cases are as follows:
  • The truck’s black box in the event it is accessible.
  • Driving Record of the truck driver.
  • Assessment of the status, repair and record logs of the truck itself and if the truck was maintained as necessary.
  • The training history and certifications that the driver has.
  • The driver’s driving record.
  • The photographs of the truck including the cargo.
  • The observations of the witnesses.

Truck drivers are compensated in a different way commensurate with their delivery quantity and compensation.  For this reason, this can subliminally motivate a truck driver to drive excessively when they are too tired.


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Truck Accident Lawyers in Florida

The negotiation process for a truck accident is more complicated and requires the support of an attorney that truly focuses on this area of practice.

The reason being that a multitude of parties and companies are often involved and so it becomes a multi-layer negotiation. Types of Parties involved in truck accidents are:

  • The client adversely impacted by the truck driver
  • The truck driver that allegedly caused the accident
  • The truck driver’s employer and any companies that own that company
  • The company that actually placed the cargo or goods on the truck itself.
  • The company that services and repairs the truck
  • The company that manufactured the truck

Additionally, the companies that own the trucks will aggressively defend their drivers to prevent an imposition of liability as this can seriously impact their entire business, operations and their insurance coverage not to mention their insurance rates.  

Marecki Law Firm Tip:  Unless you ask for help, you cannot be helped.

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Expert Witnesses may be necessary to litigate the underlying causes of the truck accident.

Marecki Law Firm has a network of expert witnesses designed to help bolster the case against the trucking company to maximize the recovery of our client.  

Marecki Law Firm is on your side and will do everything in its power to protect you when you have a truck accident.

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Critical Steps to Take After a Truck Accident

Call Police to Tell Them About the Truck Accident:

Marecki & Medolla understands that it is stressful and scary to call the police but it is very important that you contact the police by calling 911 to report the truck accident.  The police report is one of the most important and critical documents that are relied upon in a truck accident and analyzed by the insurance company.