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How Our Wrongful Death Lawyers Help

Your life has been completely changed and Marecki Law Firm is here to help.

As a highly experienced law firm specializing in the field of personal injury, Marecki Law Firm has the ability to handle wrongful death matters on behalf of our clients.  The death of a loved one is the most tragic loss a human being can sustain. Marecki Law Firm will be there for you every step of the way.

In this type of case, Marecki Law Firm will file a lawsuit in civil court to advance the claims of the family members or blood relatives that service the decedent.

Marecki Law Firm is led by its founders Attorney Tim Marecki who is deeply committed to assisting you in obtaining the recovery you deserve to restore your life’s balance.  


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Lake Worth Wrongful Death Lawyer

It is extremely difficult to assess the damages to the surviving family members in the case of a wrongful death.  In order to maximize the value of the client’s claim, Marecki Law Firm will evaluate the following factors:

  • The monetary value of the support that the decedent provided to the surviving family members
  • Any and all expenses incurred in connection to the accident leading to the death
  • Lost employment benefits caused by the death that the family no longer has the benefit of receiving.

Marecki Law Firm will ensure every factor is examined to assist you in obtaining the recover you deserve after the death of a loved one.  

Your Personal Wrongful Death Attorney

Marecki Law Firm serves the interests of those injured by the negligence of others no matter when, where, or how the injustice occurred. Injuries happen, and when they do lives can be permanently changed. Although nothing can take back the unfortunate events that have transpired, Marecki Law Firm wants to make sure that if you have suffered an injury due to the negligence of another, you are put back in as near a position as possible to before the accident by recovering all that you are entitled to.

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